Sedation Dentistry

Woman sleeping after treatment for painful tooth and received sedation dentistry at Harmony Dental in Eugene.Are you looking for a practice that offers sedation dentistry to relieve anxiety? Both of our Eugene dentists are licensed IV sedation dentists. This higher level of sedative care allows us to provide the most relaxing experience for our patients, without their having to visit an off-site surgical center. Now instead of putting your treatment off and living in pain, you can nap through your entire treatment procedure.

What is IV Sedation Dentistry?

To experience the most thorough level of sleep dentistry inside of a dental office, a licensed IV sedation dentist is your best choice. Our skilled sedation specialists administer safe prescription sedative medication via an intravenous line, allowing you to gradually drift off for the duration of your appointment. Dr. Mike has been providing this service since 1997!

When you choose IV sedation, you can enjoy:

  • The deepest level of sedation available in a dental setting
  • The ability to have all your treatment completed at one time
  • Bypassing anxiety or phobia of the dental office
  • Assured comfort during oral surgery procedures

When is Sedation Dentistry Recommended?

Anyone who has mild to severe anxiety related to dental care can benefit from sedation. Our Eugene dentists will thoroughly review your health and dental history to suggest the appropriate course of action that fits your unique circumstances.

We may recommend sedation for wisdom tooth removal surgeries, gum surgery, or for people who simply dislike dental treatment. Harmony Dental dentists also hold advanced cardiac life support qualifications, ensuring your safety at all times throughout the procedure.

What About Laughing Gas?

If you feel slightly nervous about having an injection and just want to take the “edge” off during your cleaning, we’re more than happy to provide laughing gas. Nitrous oxide often makes you feel happier and calmer when you’re here, making it easier for you to enjoy the care experience.

For our patients who feel they need something between laughing gas and full sedation, an oral sedative may be appropriate. This prescription anti-anxiety medication helps to calm the nerves and gradually wears off after a few hours. However, our sedation dentists find that patients typically benefit even more when they opt for the IV option.

Same Day Dental Treatment

Patient sleeping during treatment because Harmony Dental offers sedation dentistry options to relieve anxiety. Are you looking to complete a one-visit dental crown, get a smile makeover, or have dental implants placed? You owe it to yourself to enjoy the benefits of our Eugene sedation dentistry office. We’re the only approved IV sedation general practice in the area.

While Harmony Dental is proud to be your choice for a relaxing experience, we also thrive on the deep relationships that we build with our patients. We treat you like a personal friend, because that’s who you are. If we can help you enjoy the care experience more by offering sedation, it’s our pleasure to help you do so.

Call Harmony Dental in Eugene today to find out which type of anxiety-free dental appointment is right for you. Convenient payment plans through CareCredit are also available. Apply online or in our office!