Oral Surgeon in Eugene

Patient getting oral surgery with no anxiety thanks to IV sedation option at Harmony Dental in Eugene.At Harmony Dental, our licensed IV sedation dentists can provide in-house oral surgery without referring you to an off-site specialist or hospital. Now, everything you need can be completed at your convenience in the comfort of your family dentist’s office and our oral surgeon.

The type of surgery you need will dictate what your procedure looks like and how long it takes. Some can be completed in a matter of minutes with a bit of nitrous oxide and numbing, while others are more comfortably performed under full sedation.

We provide comprehensive services such as:

Dental Implant Placement — Many dentists claim to offer dental implants, but they don’t actually place the artificial teeth… only restore them. Our Eugene implant dentists use state of the art Galileo technology to digitally place your implants in a faster, more comfortable manner. This reduces the length of treatment and drastically shortens your recovery time. If you’ve been told that dental implants aren’t an option, the 3D imaging through Galileo allows us to target the highest quality of bone in your jaw, so that the implant can be placed in a predictable manner.

Wisdom Tooth Removal — Depending on the health and positioning of your 3rd molars, they may need to be removed to prevent pain or damage to adjacent teeth. In many cases, we complete the wisdom tooth surgery right here in our practice. Allowing problematic wisdom teeth to continue causing pain can often lead to more complex problems down the road.

Gingival Grafting — Receding gumlines are a common side effect of excessive clenching and grinding (bruxism), genetics, misaligned teeth, and aggressive tooth brushing. As such, it can leave the roots of the teeth exposed and sensitive, not to mention jeopardize the stability and health of the tooth. When there isn’t enough healthy tissue, we can graft new gingiva in the area to protect the tooth.

Periodontal Surgery — Advanced gum disease can lead to tooth loss unless intercepted early enough. If a cleaning alone is inadequate to manage your oral infection, gum flap surgery or osseous surgery may be necessary to promote tooth retention. Instead of referring our patients to a periodontist, we are able to take advantage of our sedation capabilities to complete these minor surgeries for you. Taking advantage of synthetic or tissue bank bone can help to encourage healthy enough jaws to retain teeth or allow for dental implant placement.

Experience You Can Trust

Woman sitting in chair at ease before her oral surgeon starts surgery thanks to IV sedation at Harmony Dental in EugeneWith combined experience of over 20 years, our Eugene dentists understand what it takes to ensure your comfort and confidence during your procedure. At Harmony Dental, we consider our patients to be our friends… not just another number walking through the front door. As such, we are committed to ensuring the highest quality of treatment and patient safety at all times. Our dentists have over two decades of experience providing in house IV sedation for our patients’ comfort.

Are you looking for an oral surgeon in Eugene? Consider calling Harmony Dental today to schedule a consultation with our sedation dentists. Flexible payment plans are available!

Harmony Dental in Eugene can restore your smile and your confidence…no matter how many teeth you are missing! It’s all possible with our in-house dental implant therapy.