Family Dentistry in Eugene

Throughout your life, your dental needs will change. That’s true for your family, too. Your toddler’s or teenager’s smile requires different care than your own. Harmony Dental provides family dentistry and can care for your whole family at one conveniently located office in Eugene.

Getting an Early Start

Caring for your child’s smile means more than just brushing their teeth, so it’s important to get them into the dentist early. Our dentists recommend your child’s first visit be between the age of one and three years and provides family dentistry to accommodate throughout your child’s life.

At this young age, we’ll clean their teeth or perform a simple exam to help them grow more comfortable in our office. This helps them learn that there’s no reason to be anxious about going to the dentist! After they are comfortable, our doctors can take care of any treatments they might need. If you’re looking for a pediatric dentist in Eugene, we invite you to bring your entire family to Harmony Dental.

Protecting Smiles from Accidental Injuries

If someone in your family is involved in sports, we encourage you to ask about an athletic guard. This special appliance protects your loved one’s teeth while they play. While it’s possible to buy a generic mouth guard from the sports store, your teeth will be better served if you have your dentist custom fabricate one. Custom fitted guards are a better choice because they are:

· Helpful in preventing concussions
· Better at staying in place when accidents occur
· Custom fitted to your teeth for improved comfort and protection

TMJ – TMD Therapy

Your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can cause you a lot of pain! If you are suffering from TMJ disorder, we can help manage the pain and correct the problem with our family dentistry services.

Many TMD sufferers find that a dental splint helps relieve headaches and muscle fatigue while re-training the joint. We can also refer you to specialists for trigger point therapy, physical therapy, or even Botox!

Our Family Dentistry Provides Thorough Examinations and Disease Screening

Harmany Cental has family dentistry for the whole family. We don’t just check your smile for cavities – we also closely assess your oral tissues for signs of disease and cancer. Through helpful tools like digital X-rays and laser Diagnodent cavity detection, we can diagnose tooth decay at an earlier (and more affordable) stage to treat.

If we do see a problem, our intraoral camera allows us to share our findings with you, so that you can co-plan any course of therapy that may be necessary. Through routine preventive teeth cleanings and interceptive periodontal therapy, we can help you preserve your natural teeth for as long as possible.

Our Family Dentistry Provides Snoring Solutions

Lots of families have a heavy sleeper who snores loudly, disrupting their partner and sometimes the whole household! At Harmony Dental, we don’t diagnose sleep disorders, but with a prescription from your physician, we can fit you for an oral appliance. These aids are similar to an athletic guard or retainer, but allow you breathe easier at night. Some patients have even been able to give up their CPAP completely!

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