Dental Implants in Eugene

3D Illustration of a dental implant and how it fits in the jaw between organic teeth. Are missing teeth making you feel self-conscious when you smile? Is it hard to chew without the back teeth you lost a few years ago? Harmony Dental in Eugene can restore your smile and your confidence…no matter how many teeth you are missing! It’s all possible with dental implants and our in-house dental implant therapy.

Dental Implants, Better Than Dentures

Sometimes it’s necessary to have a tooth extracted due to decay, or you might have lost a tooth at a time when dental care was not available to you. Dentures are not the only option to replace missing teeth, nor are they the best alternative! Thanks to advanced technology, our dentists can replace your teeth with a permanent dental implant.

Choose between a single implant crown, dental bridge, or even an implant supported denture that never slips out of place! Unlike conventional bridges, with implants you don’t have to compromise the structure of neighboring healthy teeth.

What’s Involved in Getting an Implant?

Choosing to get a dental implant is the most effective way to replace your missing teeth. In approximately 98% of cases, implants last for the rest of your life.

First, you’ll need to schedule a comprehensive exam with one of our providers. During this visit, we will also record a 3D scan of your oral anatomy and review whether adjunctive surgeries (such as bone grafting) are necessary to support treatment success. In most cases, we can customize your implant placement to conform with your existing dental health.

Then, we’ll determine how many implants you need. Due to their integrity, it’s possible to replace all your teeth at one time.

Prevent Bone Loss

Missing teeth don’t just impact your smile. They can affect your nutrition, speech, and even the bone density of your jaw! When there is no tooth to support, your jaw bone becomes narrower and loses density. If one part of your jaw loses density, so does the rest – which is bad news for the rest of your teeth!

Implants help to preserve bone quality as well as your natural bite alignment. We recommend having your implant placed at the same time as any needed extractions to avoid unwanted bone loss. When necessary, we also offer grafting procedures to support implant retention.

Advanced Placement Technology

We use the Galileo Conebeam Scanner to create a 3D image of your teeth and bone. With this information, we can see a virtual replica of your oral anatomy for faster surgery time and improved recovery. It can even eliminate the need for other surgeries such as bone grafting.

Recovery From Your Procedure

Happy couple smiling because of dental implants that make their smiles more natural. There may be some initial soreness from an implant, but typically, it can be relieved with ibuprofen or other over-the-counter medicines. Once the implant has been placed in your mouth, we wait for about four months for your mouth to heal and grow new bone around it. A temporary prosthesis can be worn while everything is healing.

After new bone growth has occurred, we place the permanent dental crown, bridge, or denture. You can expect your new implants to look and feel more like natural teeth than any other type of restoration in modern dental care.

Beautiful Healthy Smiles with Dental Implants

At Harmony Dental, we want your smile to be beautiful and healthy. If you have lost teeth, call our Eugene office to make an appointment. Dental implants may be the best solution for you! Ask about our convenient financing plans.

Our single visit dental crowns allow you to complete the entire procedure in just one day.