Your Dental Implant Surgery

Implant surgery has become one of the most popular restoration options for missing teeth. If your smile has a gap or you’re missing several teeth, you might be wondering what’s involved in tooth replacement therapy and what kind of recovery you can expect.

Replacement Therapy

To restore your smile, our Eugene dentists recommend dental implants. A titanium post that serves as an artificial “tooth root” is surgically placed into the jaw bone, creating a solid anchor for your new prosthetic tooth. Titanium is a biocompatible material unique in its ability to fuse with your bone, creating a durable restoration even stronger than your natural tooth.

Sleep Through Your Surgery

Naturally, many people worry about discomfort associated with dental procedures. At our Eugene office, we offer in-house sedation services administered by our highly trained dentists.

Drs. Michael Umberger and Simon Yakligian are…

  • Licensed IV Sedation Providers
  • Certified in Advanced Life Support

You won’t find that at most Eugene dentist offices!

As with most surgeries, you might feel a little nervous about your upcoming procedure. There’s no need to be anxious! With our gentle chairside manner and sedation options, you’ll quickly feel at ease. Many of our patients even nap through their treatment!

Your Restoration Surgery

With our Galileo conebeam scanner, we’re able to create a 3D image of your oral structure. This allows us to precisely place your implant for optimal results and minimal recovery time. Once you’re comfortably asleep and your mouth has been numbed, we’ll make a small incision along your gum to expose your jaw bone. Using a special, silent drill, we create a small hole in your jaw and screw the implant securely into place.

A Brand New Smile

Once your surgery is over, recovery begins. This is an important step when your implant is grafting into your existing jaw bone to form the strongest “root” possible. Once your mouth has healed, your new tooth will be installed and you can start enjoying your brand new, beautifully restored smile!

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